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Two Men In A London Pub

There is a cathartic luxury to destroying an old painting and replacing it with a new one. It isn't necessary, as any artist could quite rightly begin on a new surface. So the act of destruction in this instance, is as important and rewarding as the act of creation. The realisation that my intent is to make something completely different, or better, or even just to rid myself of the prior image.

In this instance, I knew that the image I wanted to work from would work brilliantly on the size of canvas, (80x100cm), and I happened to have one that I felt was at best, interesting. It was certainly unresolved, and needed to go backwards to go forwards. I just didn't have the desire to go back and correct the issues with the previous image. So I went for it, boots and all, and jumped in with a new painting. And to be honest, I'm glad I did.

The new painting captures a soul and identity of a moment that is far less contrived. I think it is very important to make political and historic work, but only if it works. If it falls short, or leaves more questions about the style and composition, then it does about the content and context, then I dropped the ball.

So I feel a little vindicated here. Also, I am enjoying blogging, writing on a computer, formatting things old school and using several fingers to do this. It feels emancipating to be free of posting from my phone!!!

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