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What's it going to look like?

Now we're talking.

The way I see it, I can post an image on Instagram, (I will come to my problems I am having with the platform another time), and ask people to follow the link in my bio, in order to see far more detail, images and read my thoughts on the works I post. This way I don't feel it is self-indulgent, particularly as it is my own blog about my own art. I don't expect it to have traffic like the Daily Mail celebrity column, so I figure I can post thoughts and try to engage with genuine followers.

So what I might do is post full size developmental shots, mistakes and issues arising from pieces, and it is all for people who care to see things in a little more detail than a very small, pre determined format, with quite awful text layout, as found on most social media.

I figure I can keep changing it, and making the blog as engaging and interactive as the people using it demand.

Any questions?

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